Youth Pastor Candidate

Tyler has shined throughout the interview process, and he and Leah came for a day of excellent interviews and meetings in May. The search committee and members of elder and deacon councils have reviewed his qualifications, visited personally with him, and prayerfully considered his candidacy. We are grateful to share that the search committee and the elder council have unanimously forwarded him as our candidate to the church body. 

Below, you will find the schedule for the weekend’s activities. They have been designed to help facilitate both introduction and interaction for the whole congregation, including youth, parents, leadership, and staff. You will also see Tyler’s CV. He currently serves as Pastor of Worship and Youth at his church in Mauriceville, TX and is following the burden he has to focus on youth ministry. 

Tyler is a gifted teacher and preacher with a clear vision and a personal calling for youth ministry. His passion is to prepare youth with a solid foundation, both in heart and mind, for a walk with Jesus that thrives through the challenges of college and young adulthood. His love of apologetics will no doubt help our youth face the philosophical and moral battles they face in our culture today. 


You will hear more about and from Tyler in the days to come, but please remain in prayer for God to give a clear sense of his leadership to WGC and the Ellisons as we pursue this path of ministry together. 


Please also note that there will be a congregational meeting Sunday morning July 9 to facilitate the vote on Tyler’s candidacy.

Use the link to view Tyler's resume.


                ELLISON VISIT - JUNE 30-JULY 3, 2023

                                   Friday, June 30

                                             10:00 am:            Pray and meet with available Search Committee members

                                             11:00 am:             Welcome and meeting with WGC Staff members

                                             Noon:                  Lunch with WGC Staff, Search Committee  (at WGC)

                                             2:00 pm:             Meeting with Pastor Ben and Angela at their house

                                             6:30-8:30 pm:    BYOD (Bring Your Own Dinner)  with the Ellisons at Deming Park Ute Shelter! Open to ALL in the church

                                    Saturday, July 1

                                             Noon - 1:30 pm.   Lunch on the patio at Grand Traverse Pie Company
                                             2:00 -4:00 p.m.   Meeting with Youth and Parents at Hawthorn Park, Tupelo Shelter. 
                                                                             For a map of the park click here. 

                                    Sunday, July 2

                                              9:30 am:              Preach at WGC (single service)

                                              11:00 am:            Sunday school class (Combination of high school and middle school)

                                              12:30 pm:            BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch)  with the Ellisons at Deming Park Ute ShelterOpen to ALL in the church

                                              6:30-8:30 pm:    Youth Group Teaching