Life groups at world gospel

Weekday and Sunday Morning Groups

Sunday Morning Life Groups

Meets at 10 am                        

  • College/Young Adult


    Discussion on Bible passages.

    Location: Fellowship Hall, Upstairs Open Area.

  • The Class

    Mike Russell

    Changing lives and shaping saints, this class is for all ages. Come and join us! Bible passage discussion and visiting missionaries are regularly invited.

    Location: Fellowship Hall, Upstairs Classroom U-6

  • Encourage One Another

    Debbie lee

    Women of all ages enjoy this discussion format Bible study. Come and be encouraged in your walk with the Lord.

    Location:  Fellowship Hall, Upstairs Classroom U-2

  • Married With Children

    Brian Bonnett

    This class is to help equip middle-aged parents with Biblical principles to navigate contemporary issues in marriage and family. 

    Location: Fellowship Hall, Upstairs Classroom U-3

    Family by Delwar Hossain from the Noun Project

  • Scripture Search

    Larry Lee

    Join us to know God better through interactive, discussion-oriented Bible study and to know one another better through sharing and praying together,  The class includes singles and couples of varying ages. 

    Location: Fellowship Hall, Upstairs Classroom U-1

  • Talk Thru the Bible

    Andy Mech

    The class concentrates on the study of a book of the Bible over a series of months. People of all ages and Bible knowledge are welcome. 

    Location: Choir Room, behind the Sanctuary

  • Teachings of Jesus in Basic English

    Jayne Lloyd

    A class where international students can practice their English, make friends, and study the Bible. We offer individual English tutoring every week. 

    Location: Fellowship Hall, Upstairs Classroom U-5,

  • global workers prayer connection
    Debbie Lane

    Join us each Sunday to pray for WGC global workers out in the field.  Lists are available each Sunday to guide your prayers. There are times we will meet in the Gathering Room if there is a special speaker. 
    Location:  Lower Level,  Classroom L-2.  First door on the right.

  • Formation
    Chris & Christy Purnell

    We will study books of the Bible and key theological doctrines, pray together, and learn to live and love more like Christ.  The goal is our continued formation into the likeness of Jesus and growth as his disciples.  All ages and stages of life are welcome.

    Location: Fellowship Hall, Upstairs Classroom U-4 in the left corner.

Weekday life groups

We live together as we love God, Love People and Serve the World. Our Life Groups meet Sunday morning and throughout the week. Some are for specific life stages and other are multi-generational. Childcare is provided for some of the groups.  For more information, please contact the church office.