Youth group overview & Discussion guide

Each week by Sunday afternoon you'll find the lesson overview and a discussion guide here!

March 12th- Small Group Breakout
During Small Group Breakouts each small group will have different devotionals led by their small group leader or a student. The discussion questions each Small Group Breakout week will vary based on group. 

March 5th- Breakout Groups On Gender, Sexuality & The Bible
This evening we will break out into groups (Middle School Guys, Middle School Girls, High School Guys, and High School Girls) to discuss the Biblical teachings on Gender and sexuality. Look to social media, TV, schools, or anywhere else in society and you will find someone speaking about gender and sexuality. Tonight we will open the Bible to find that God created us Male & Female on purpose, and for a purpose. We will explore the blessing that it is to be created Male & Female, and the way that we can glorify, honor and obey God with our bodies. 

February 26th- 2 Corinthians 6:14-16 "Relationships Pt. 3" 

Tonight we got to the subject that all of our students were waiting for- well, maybe not- Dating. We look at what Paul said in 2 Corinthians about being unequally yoked, and why it is important to only date people who have a strong, growing relationship with Jesus. 

February 19th- Mark 2:1-5 "Relationships Pt. 2" 
Tonight we are looking at what good friendships look like. In Mark 2:1-5 we see four men who carry their friend who was paralyzed to Jesus. Upon arriving at the house Jesus was at, they see that there is no way to get their friend to they make a way. They go to the roof and tear it off in order to get their friend into the presence of Jesus. As we think about our friendships, we have to ask, are we creating barriers for our friends or are we tearing apart barriers to get them to Jesus. 

February 5th-Exodus 20:12; Ephesians 1:1-3 "Relationships Pt. 1"

Tonight we are kicking off our relationships series by looking at our relationships with our parents. According to the Bible, children are to honor their father and their mother. We'll be looking at what "honoring" means, and discussing the common objection, "What if I don't find them honorable." As we see in the Bible, there is not an "Unless" clause, and the first time this command was given, in Exodus 20:12, there were very dishonorable parents, yet the command stood firm. Our place as children is to honor our parents, regardless of our momentary feelings. 

Discussion Questions: 

1. Why do you think God cares so much about whether we honor our parents or not? 

2. Why do you think God uses the picture of a Father and His children to describe His relationship with us? 

3. Why is it sometimes difficult, as a teenager, to obey and show honor to our parents? 

4. What are some ways this week that you can show respect and honor to your parents? 

January 31st- Psalm 23; Psalm 34:15-18 "Mental Health Night Pt. 2" 

A recent study found that 50% of teens struggle with their mental health. Tonight we are taking a look at mental health, and the fact that God cares about us physically, spiritually and emotionally. He cares about our mental health because He cares about us! Tonight we are taking a look at the Psalms to be reminded that God hears the cries of those who are struggling, suffering and anxious.

January 22nd-John 9:1-3 "Mental Health Night"

A recent study found that 50% of teens struggle with their mental health. Tonight we are taking a look at mental health, and the fact that God cares about us physically, spiritually and emotionally. He cares about our mental health because He cares about us! We will be looking at John 9:1-3 where Jesus encounters a blind man and is asked by His disciples "Who sinned, this man or his parents that he was born blind?" Often times we can think that we have mental health struggles because we sinned, but the truth is, mental health, like all other health is impacted by the fall in Genesis 3. We will be reminded that it is "Okay to not be okay" but God does not leave us that way. We will look at taking practical steps to improve our mental health including (1) Getting into community, (2) Reading the scriptures (3) Getting clinical help if necessary. 

Discussion Questions: 

1. Why is it difficult to discuss mental health? 

2. What are some ways that God might display His power even in the midst of mental health struggles?

3. What is something that God says about our identity in scripture that resonates with you? 

4. When a friend tells you they are struggling with their mental health, what are some practical steps for you in order to support them? 

January 15th- Small Group Breakout
During Small Group Breakouts each small group will have different devotionals led by their small group leader or a student. The discussion questions each Small Group Breakout week will vary based on group. 

January 8th- Psalm 33:16-22 "God is our Help & Our Shield"

Today many people worry about the future; what will the new year hold? Will I get into the college of my dreams? Will I make the team? Will I get the part in the play that I am hoping for? Worries, anxieties flood our minds creating goliath sized giants for us to fight in the battlefield of our mind. But usually, we never actually meet any of these goliaths on the battle field. In Psalm 33 we are told that warriors are not saved by their own strength, Kings are not saved by the size of their army- but by God. God is our help in our shield in the battles we endure. 

January 1st- No Youth Group

December 25th- No Youth Group

December 18th-
Christmas Party & The Reason for the Season

It is to get distracted by shining lights, presents, and all the festivities of Christmas. On this night we will pause to remember the real reason for the season: Jesus. Jesus is God, and He became man to rescue us from our sin and make a way for us to be in heaven...what greater gift is there than this? 

December 11th-Small Group Breakout

During Small Group Breakouts each small group will have different devotionals led by their small group leader or a student. The discussion questions each Small Group Breakout week will vary based on group. 

December 4th- Kenya Report

Tonight our students that went to Kenya on a Missions Trip this past Summer will share testimonies and pictures from their trip! This evening is a great reminder that Jesus has called all of us to follow His example to serve those among us. We will consider numerous ways that Jesus might be calling each of us to serve those in our community. 

November 27th- No Youth Group

November 20th- Exodus 12; Esther 9 "Remember and Give Thanks for the Goodness of God" (Pie Night & Turkey Bowl) 

As we approach Thanksgiving there is no doubt that our appetites for food and football are at an all time high. However, feasting and celebrating are not mere products of western society, or the modern era. In the Bible God commands His people on numerous occasions to feast! Many of the feasts were accompanied by singing, traveling and yes eating great foods. In tonight's lesson we took a look at Exodus 12 and Esther 9 to see why God gave Israel the feasts of Passover and Purim, and we looked to see what principles we can take from Biblical Feasting to apply to our upcoming feast this week. It is clear from scripture that we are meant to feast and celebrate (These things are good and right) however, our feasting is not meant to be meaningless, or merely for food and fellowship. Feastings are about remembering the Lord, His goodness, His kindness and all the great things He has done for us. 

November 13th-
Small Group Breakout

During Small Group Breakouts each small group will have different devotionals led by their small group leader or a student. The discussion questions each Small Group Breakout week will vary based on group. 

November 6th- Galatians 2:15-16 "Justification by Faith Alone in Christ Alone" 

In our day to day lives we put our faith in many things. We trust that when we give $20 to a cashier for an item that is $2 they will give us change. We trust that the chair we sit down in is capable of holding us up, and will not crush like a tin can underneath us. Faith is something we practice every day, and it is vital for our daily routines. However, when it comes to salvation, we typically think it is like a points system where there are a certain number of works that we must perform. Paul crushes that belief in this passage by clarifying that we are justified before God not by what we have done, but solely based on what Christ has done for us. 

Questions for Discussion: 

1. Many in our society believe that we must do good deeds or good works to get to heaven. How does this belief compare with the gospel revealed in scripture? 

2. We often think of ourselves as merely 'innocent' before God, but the Bible actually reveals that we are innocent before Him. Rather than merely having a "0" in our account and status before God, we are favored, we have positive credit through Christ (1 Cor. 1:30; 2 Cor. 5:21). How do we reframe our thinking to match the scriptures so that we know that we are not merely innocent, or neutral but viewed as 'beloved' in God's eyes?

3. Why is accepting justification by faith alone in Christ alone difficult for humans? 

4. How would you explain this message to someone who has never heard it before? 

October 30th- Hope Always, Guest Speaker, Dr. Matthew Sleeth of Blessed

Dr. Sleeth was the keynote speaker at this year's Global Outreach Conference at World Gospel Church. On this last day of the conference, Dr. Sleeth shared with us concerning mental health, suicide and the dangers of drug use from a Biblical perspective.  

October 23rd- Galatians 2:11-15 "Not In Step With The Truth of The Gospel" 

In this passage Paul tells us about his confrontation with Peter when Peter was not acting in step with the gospel. Despite all that Peter had heard from Jesus, and all he had seen, his conduct was still not perfect. No matter how close we are to the Lord in our devotional time, and prayer life, we will not be perfect, and we need people in our lives like the apostle Paul who will confront us, and help us to get back in line with the gospel so that our beliefs match our practice. 

Questions for Discussion:

1. Peter was looking down on Gentile believers, and was treating them as 'unclean' because they were not acting like Jewish believers. Do you ever look down on people, or fear being seen with certain people when you select your friend group? 

2. Why is it important that our actions match our beliefs?

3. In this passage we see the value of having Christian friends who will confront us when our actions are out of step with the gospel. Do you have friends like this in your life?

5. Why is it important to build accountability networks now, and not wait until later in life? 

October 16th- Galatians 1:11-24 "Not a Man-Made Gospel"

In our world it is often times hard to tell what is real, and what is fake. We live in a world saturated with fake news, filtered images, and counterfeits bills- but Paul assures us that the gospel he preached is not man-made, it was received directly from God. Tonight we will be looking at evidences for the trustworthiness of the gospel. We will look at manuscript evidences, ancient historians like Josephus, and Tacitus, and we will look at Paul's testimony of conversion in Galatians as an evidence that the gospel of God is genuine. 

Questions for Discussion: 

1. In the message Kyle said that humans naturally find the gospel hard to believe, because we are wired to work on a 'points system' rather than a 'grace system.' Do you agree with this? 

2. In a world that continuously preaches false gospels to us- How do you tune in to the only true gospel? How can we prevent ourselves from falling for false gospels? 

3. How can we help others to know that this gospel is not man-made? 

October 9th- Small Group Breakout

During Small Group Breakouts each small group will have different devotionals led by their small group leader or a student. The discussion questions each Small Group Breakout week will vary based on group. 

October 2nd- No Youth Group Due to Fall Retreat

September 25th- Galatians 1:1-10 "Jesus is Enough" 
The Galatians were quickly persuaded to accept a different 'gospel' than the gospel they had first received from Paul. Paul confronts them on this in Galatians 1:1-10 and tells them that there is no other gospel, than the one he preached and that they received. The Galatians had fallen for the false news that they needed Jesus + Works to be saved. The truth Paul wanted them to understand was that Jesus is enough. 

Questions for Discussion: 

1. Why do you think Paul is so angry in Galatians 1:1-10? 

2. What are 'other gospels' or 'false gospels' that people in our society teach and fall for? 

3. Who are some people in your life who have fallen for false gospels? Have you ever considered confronting them like Paul did to the Galatians? What is at stake in having that conversation? 

September 18th, 2022- Human: Broken Humans, Genesis 3; Romans 1-3:23; Romans 5:1-18; 6:23

Humans, though created in the image of God, this side of Eden are broken, warped and damaged. Though God called creation "very good" in Genesis 1:31, creation has been damaged, and experience as well as scripture show us that things are not the way they are supposed to be. This week we will be looking at the Biblical doctrine of sin, and salvation- and paying close attention to how God molds us back into the image of God when we believe in Him, and are sanctified by Him.

Questions for Discussion: 

1. In the sermon it was said that sin is like a disease- and even when it is "familiar" it is never normal, i.e. it is never the way things are supposed to be. Sin is very familiar in our day-to-day lives, and in society. What are some sins that we might see commonly in our lives, and in our school/family/society?\

2. How can we remind ourselves that these sins being present in our lives and society is not the way that things are supposed to be? i.e. How do we make sure we do not become numb by the 'normalness' of sin in our lives and culture?

3. Even though we wrecked God's good creation, He chose to come down, take on flesh and bear our sins on the cross. When we broke His creation, He decided to become broken for us... Why do you think God would do that?  

September 11th, 2022- Small Group Breakout

During Small Group Breakouts each small group will have different devotionals led by their small group leader or a student. The discussion questions each Small Group Breakout week will vary based on group. 

September 4th, 2022- Human: Non-Physical Human, Genesis 2:7; Deuteronomy 4:9

Humans are more than mere animals. God created us not only with physical bodies that matter to Him, but also souls that will go on long after the body decays. In tonight's lesson we will be looking at the Biblical teachings regarding the 'Human Soul' and discussing what it means to love God with all of our heart, mind, soul , strength, and mind. 

Questions for Discussion: 

1. Tonight's sermon was about caring for your soul. What are some ways you can care for your soul? 

2. We don't have physical mirrors for the soul... but how can we check on our souls and see if they are in good shape? 

3. What is one way you will try to work out/or care for your soul this week?

4. 3 John 1:2 shows us what true Christian friendship looks like; caring for body and soul. Do you have friends who care about your soul? What do they do to show you that they care about your soul? 

August 28th, 2022- Human: Embodied Human, Genesis 2:8-9, 15-17; 1 Corinthians 6:19-20
Humans often times relegate spiritual issues to the soul, and think that the body is like a scuba suit we travel in that one day we will simply ditch as we move on into heaven. However, the teachings of scripture make clear that humans are creatures made with bodies and souls, both of which matter to God. In fact, the very first spiritual command that God gave humans (Do not eat of the fruit) involved their bodies. We Christians are called to serve God not only with our minds, our souls, or in so-called spiritual ways, but also in our bodies. 

Questions for Discussion: 
1. Do you think that Christians are guilty of thinking that the body is not "spiritual"? 

2. The scriptures reveal to us that our bodies are 'good,' but often we view the body as 'bad.' Culture often also tries to influence the way we view our bodies. How do we combat this, so that we can see our body how God sees it?

3. In day-to-day life, what does it look like to honor God with our bodies?

4. There are likely numerous things we can take away from knowing that our bodies are 'good' and that it belongs to the Lord. But what is one application you will take with you this week?

August 21st, 2022- Human: Created in the Image of God, Genesis 1:26-28

Humans love putting on images, and filters to warp the way that we look. We believe that there are certain images we need to bear in order to fit the personality, identity and purpose we want to have in life. In our pursuit of bearing these images, we often times forget that we were created on purpose, for a purpose, and with an image imprinted on all of us. Tonight, we will be studying what it means to be created in the Image of God, and what implications this teaching from Genesis has on how we treat one another, and find our identity in life.
Questions for Discussion:
1. What are some ways in our society and culture that people do not treat each other as if they were created in the Image of God?

2. Do you feel that in our society we are pressured to turn our image and identity into something else? If so, what?

3. Where do you see these pressures in society to conform your image to something else?

4. Often, we may try to change who we are in order to fit in, or meet certain expectations and images that the world is looking for. What does it look like to reject these false images and be a Biblical image bearer?

August 14th, 2022- Light to the World Matthew 5:14-17

Jesus calls His disciples to be followers of Him, and His teachings. It is easy due to insecurity, and desires to fit in to become disciples of the world, but tonight, I want to challenge you to read the teachings of Jesus, commit yourself, this school year to following His teachings more closely, and to shine brightly in the darkness. 

No Small Group Questions Due to Water Wars

May 22, 2022 - Music Night & Jonathan's Testimony, including plans to move away from WGC

Tonight (if not this morning) your students are discovering how God has worked in my life as well as how God is now directing our family into a new place for ministry. We're sad to leave you all--we love you! I'm also thankful for how God is working in us and for His church. This is naturally pretty hard news for many students. I'm thankful for some extra music tonight that two of our students have coordinated! Check out below for Pastor Ben's and my announcement from this morning's services. 


From Pastor Ben:

This morning, I have a difficult announcement to share with the church, but it’s one I believe the Lord is at work through and will use for his glory and the profit of all involved. The elders and I have prayerfully and with humble consideration reached the understanding that our next season of ministry here at World Gospel Church will require a change in staff when it comes to youth.


In the role of assigning and deploying staff the elders and I have discerned that God is leading WGC and Pastor Jonathan in this next season on different paths. This is indicated by Jonathan’s gifting and the needs and development of the ministry and not a sin issue.


Jonathan will have served at WGC as youth pastor for 8 years by the time of his departure, and our desire is to honor him, thank him, and thank God for the good things God has done through he and his family during their time here. Jonathan will serve on the trip to Kenya and is planning to move out of youth ministry here at WGC at the end of June.


When plants are repotted, there’s a period of readjusting followed by a whole new level of growth. We are grateful for the commitment and availability that Jonathan and Rachel have given to WGC and fully expect and pray for the Hollingsworth’s flourishing in their next steps of ministry. In fact, it is with both their flourishing and the flourishing of WGC in our next seasons that we have undertaken this transition. The elders and I envision the next season of ministry at WGC to be one of relational discipleship, organizational development, and more deeply integrated spiritual formation.


So, what’s next? In our frailty and shortcomings and with a Savior who is ever present and active for our good, let’s commit these next weeks to operating by faith in God’s working, in the unity and fruits of the Spirit, in believing the best and speaking the best about each other, and in seeking God’s guiding hand and gospel fruitfulness for Jonathan and his family as well as World Gospel Church.


Youth, the elders and I would like to speak to you. The elders are prayerfully processing through this time. We care about you and know these next few months will bring changes. We are working on caring for you as a youth group, for helping lead you, and for your spiritual health and growth. This may be an opportunity for you to step up to a service or leadership role you have yet to step into. Your youth leaders are available as well to process with you.


For everyone, if you have questions about this transition, please reach out to me, Eric Beachy (Elder Chair), or one of the other members of the elder council. Tomorrow evening (May 23) at 7 PM, there will be an opportunity for parents and youth to gather to discuss the transition. We will have more detail on interim youth leadership plans, impacts on upcoming trips, ongoing youth events, and how you can help out during this transition period.

From Jonathan: 

God called us to serve here eight years ago and we’ve been very thankful for the opportunity to bring Him glory in this place. We’ve grown so much with this congregation. We’ve enjoyed many parties, celebrations, along with the funerals and really hard times. We’ve lived life together.

I appreciate Pastor Ben’s perspective on my role my strengths and weaknesses and his desire to follow God’s best for our congregation.

This started a couple of months ago with my annual job review. It’s clear that there are some things that even after 8 years, I’m not very good at. Over the years God has shown me my pride, but not until last night did I realize how much it’s probably affected my ministry here. And I’m sorry for that. I’m sorry for all of those that it has hurt, whether you know it or not, and I ask for your forgiveness.

It’s amazing that in spite of my pride and other sin, God's grace has enabled me to do some really great things in life and here specifically. That may be part of why this is unexpected to many of you. He has still gifted me and blessed this ministry. Our leaders see that some of the things I’m not as good at are pretty important for the youth pastor here to do well. And I have other gifts that could be better used somewhere else.

Us being better for somewhere else and someone else being better for here hasn’t been an easy conclusion to see or come to, and took a few weeks to be ready to submit to that. We’re going to miss you and this place where we’ve lived so much our lives. But submitting and humbling ourselves is what we’re all called to do! Submit to God and the leaders He puts us under.

Rachel and I love you all and look forward to keeping up relationships, wherever we might end up! We appreciate your prayers, as well as for the church and leaders. I still see what I have for years, that God is leading World Gospel into something wonderful. Rachel and I are sad that we won’t get to be here for that, but if our part is moving out of the way, we’re ready to do what God has in mind!

We don’t yet know where we’re headed next, though we have a couple good church contacts. And a month or two with family in Oklahoma is the current plan. Thank you, everyone. As Pastor Ben said, we’ll be around until the end of June, so we look forward to spending some great time with you all until then.

April 24, 2022 - Adversity: James 1:2-5

God allows us to go through many difficult and even seemingly impossible things. We're thinking through God's word and the attitude and activities God shows are best in going through these hard times. We can trust God is working on us for His glory and our spiritual maturity. Other great scriptures we won't get to: Romans 8:18; Phil 1:29; Hebrews 10:34; Romans 5:3-4. He knows, He's experienced, and He loves.

Questions for Discussion

  • What’s the hardest thing you’ve accomplished? (Big test, race—something more physical or mental rather than emotional.)
  • What challenges have you seen others go through? What did you can you learn from that?
  • What kinds of challenges and trials are you living through right now?
  • Have you seen God at work through them?
  • Look through 2 Corinthians 12:9-10. Have you ever thought about your weaknesses being a good thing? (Verses 7-8 give some more context.)

April 3, 2022 - Resurrection Body: 1 Corinthians 15:35-58

Paul answers two questions about the resurrection: How? And What Kind of Body? A glorified body—example of the contrast between a corn seed and a corn plant. They’re both corn, but one is so much more than the other. All believers will all be raised and death will be conquered! So while we wait for Him to return we press on toward being like Jesus and recognize that those who don’t believe will have eternal death, not eternal life. Verse 58 is our encouragement to persevere in the knowledge of our hope!

Questions for discussion:

  • Have you ever grown a plant from a seed before? What was that like? Or MS activity: identify plants by their seeds
  • Who comes to mind when you think about who needs the Gospel? What can you do for them to know?
  • Share any victories you had this week over sin/death in your life. Reread 1 Corinthians 15:58. 

March 27, 2022 - Coming Back to Life: 1 Corinthians 15:1-37

We see how the essential truth of the resurrection not only gives us hope and salvation for the future but power and victory over the sin in our lives now.


Discussion Questions for Groups

Middle School Starter Activity: How many parts of your body can you name that would stop working when you die? (Be specific) How do you think it would feel for those to restart?

  • Where do you see brokenness in your life? 
  • OR What relationship/task/subject is hardest for you right now?
  • OR What’s the easiest way to sin for you?
  • What does the power of God over sin mean? Or how have you seen it in your life in the past?
  • Read 1 John 1:8-10 and discuss it together

March 13, 2022 - Sex & Sexual Temptation (We have more details as you'd like them!)

Middle School Girls:

  • Sex is a good gift from God - Unique relationship (Mark 10:6-9); Babies! (Gen 1:27-28)
  • You were made for sex. Gen 2:21-25; desire and beauty to interest guys (with discussion on modesty)
  • Sex is only for marriage: Everything else is sinful and damaging. 1 Cor 6:12-20.  Flee sexual temptation. 1 Cor 6:18
  • Be patient, trust God’s timing and prepare for purity. Guard your heart and mind. Prov 4:23 Rom 8:5-6 (Discussion on protecting ourselves on social media/texting)
  • Discussion on homosexuality/gender identity: Rom 1:24-27; Gen 1:27; Ps 139:13. What to do if a friend/family member is living this lifestyle. 
  • Redemption - if you have sinned sexually that God has not abandoned you.
  • Pray for God’s good future for you! Psalm 139

Middle School Guys: 

  • Sexual desires are not in themselves bad as they are given from God. Matt. 19:4-6; Song of Songs. 2:7
  • Preparing for temptation. How to avoid, and what temptations we’re facing. Pornography; sexual thoughts about someone; Crude jokes about sex – for men or women. Matt. 5:27-28
  • It may feel like lots of "don’ts," but for your good and God’s glory. Are we pursing temporary pleasure or eternal values? 2 Peter 1:3-8
  • If you are currently falling into temptation. There is hope! Strategies to avoid, and God will provide a way out 1 Cor. 10:13
  • God offers you forgiveness - 1 John 1:9

High School Girls:

  • Our Creator designed sex specifically for the marriage relationship. Contrast to our culture.
  • What is temptation?
  • Where does temptation come from? Satan 1 Peter 5:8, Our own sinful desires James 1:14-15
  • We don’t have to give in to temptation: We have the Holy Spirit, the armor of God, this promise: 1 Cor 10:13
  • Sexual sins relevant to teens: Sex outside of marriage, Lust, Sexting, Pornography, Masturbation, Same sex attraction (false messages from our culture)
  • OVERCOMING TEMPTATION: Share, pray, guard your heart, look for a way out, resist temptation with God’s word, refocus your mind and heart with praise, be honest about falling and repent. Prov 4:23; 1 Cor 10:13; Heb 4:12, Eph 6:17; 1 John 1:8-9, James 5:16

High School Guys: 

  • What our society says about sex, and how it can be destructive
  • What does God say about it?
  • 1 Cor 6:9-20 – the non-Christian lives fulfilling sexual desires and brings destruction and hurt on himself and others. BUT as believers, we can and should be different!
  • 1 Thes 4:3-8 – abstain from sexual immorality. Don’t be like those who don’t know God.
  • Heb 13:4-7 – God is with us, so we don’t need to follow after the temptations of the world
  • Eph 4:17-24 – don’t walk as the Gentiles; put off your old self; (be like Jesus!)
  • As many things, sex is good in the right context. The world doesn’t understand the context.  
  • Knowing the temptation is there and may increase (before the sin) -> strategies and preparation for the fight.
  • How to help a brother who’s struggling
  • Grace!

March 6, 2022

Looking at Dating God's Way | Genesis 1 & 3, Song of Songs 1, Colossians 3


  • Our lives are about God, not about ourselves. We want to please God in our relationships, not ourselves or even others. If we do, then we move into idolatry (which can be very easy in dating). 
  • We want to work on our relationships with God as the top priority, which paves the way for good and positive relationships. 
  • Adam & Eve - a relationship established by God as good and shows who He is. We also see sin, death, separation, and broken relationships. 
  • Solomon & dating - seek people with good character; families and friends should a part of the relationship, and they should be public. 
  • Big question to ask: Will this relationship or action honor God, my parents, my friend/boyfriend/girlfriend?
  • Check out this handout on what the Bible says about relationships and sexual temptation

Scriptures about Relationships

  • Do you know how many people you’ve liked? Care to share any stories?
  • What are you looking forward to about dating? (or whatever you call it)
  • How important is good character in your relationships?
  • What role should your family play in your relationships? 
  • Do you think you can usually trust your feelings and emotions? Why?
  • What do you think about the question “How will this relationship (or action) lead me to be more like Jesus?”
  • The best relationships have Christ at the center. Is Christ the center of your life and in your focus now? Would you like Him to be? 

February 6, 2022

Small Group Breakout (SGB) - Small groups meet the whole night together

Spiritual Focus. This is a guide for each SG leader. Groups address these in various ways and sometimes have different themes. Check in with your students' small group leader to find out more!

  • Share each other’s life stories, thinking about how God was at work.
  • Making connections through this story to personal insecurities
  • Read through Ephesians 6:10-20--the armor of God and truth that our struggle isn’t against other people. 

January 30

inSECURITY: Security in God | Psalm 23 & John 10


The Lord is our Shepherd! We can find full security in Him, resting in Him, knowing He is with us through every hard and seemingly hopeless part of life. We can have security in any insecurity because He is with us. Hebrews 13:5 shows that He will never leave us nor forsake us. These are promises for those who trust in Christ as their Savior, which is a free gift available to everyone!


  • Psalm 23:1 says "I shall not want." What needs do you see in your life right now? How do (or don't) you see God providing?
  • What rest does our world offer? Is this real rest? Look at John 10:10 again. Then think through Ps 23:2.
  • Do you think God can really offer rest? In YOUR specific situation?
  • Why do you think verse 4 says “even though I walk through. . .”? 

January 23

inSECURITY: Image of God


  • All humans have been made in a unique way. Genesis 1:26-27; Psalm 139:14.
  • We are like God in many ways, but not God. He's given us authority, but we misuse this--His image in us has been messed up. 
  • We are to treat others with dignity and respect (Gen. 9:6, James 3:8-9).
  • The purpose of life is to glorify, reflect, to show God. 
  • Jesus is the perfect image of God (Col 1:15). The only way we can be the way we're designed to be is to come to Jesus and follow Him.

Questions for Discussion

  • Think about history. How has the world NOT treated other people with dignity?
  • Are you treating your friends/family/people with dignity and respect? What needs to change? (Some people lose our respect, but EVERYONE is made in God’s image and should be given respect as those who are image-bearers.)
  • Jonathan said that the purpose of life is to glorify or reflect God. What do you think about that?
  • It wasn’t mentioned in the lesson, but how does this help us understand our identity?  
  • How is having a basis for morality helpful? To you, and to a society? 

January 16, 2022



  • God chose someone who didn’t think he was good enough, to do something important.
  • If you ever feel like you’re not good enough, there’s one way to know for sure. Look to what God says.
  • We can’t have a solid foundation based on a person. People change opinions all of the time. You need something that doesn’t change regularly. And even better, something that never changes at all.
  • God doesn’t ever change. He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever (Hebrews 13:8).

Questions for Discussion

  • Would you rather: Lead people out of slavery (like Moses), or take care of sheep (again, like Moses)?
  • Have you ever felt like you didn’t fit in? Want to share the story?
  • Do you ever feel like you’re not good enough or can’t do something, even though you know you’re supposed to? (Like…math?)
  • What’s something you know God says about you that’s hard to believe?
  • Moses didn’t think he could do what God had for him to do. Do you think God is calling you to do something beyond what you think you can do?  
  • Read Proverbs 3:5-6 together. How do you think the “and he will make your paths straight” works against insecurity?