Kenya 2022



Who: All current 8th-12th grade students and also WGC adults are welcome to apply. A team of 12-15 total people will be part of this trip. Lots of prayer will go into deciding who should be part of this trip--on your end and ours!

What: We'll be largely focused on kids' ministry, though always open and attentive to the opportunities God gives to us.

  • Kids and relational ministry is the focus
  • VBS at Oasis of Hope (Christian) orphanage
  • VBS for Embul-bul school students (not a Christian school)
  • Elderly ministry
  • Special needs art camp

Cultural Engagement: 

  • Great poverty
  • Life in Nairobi
  • Interaction with Muslims
  • Time with Kenyan believers
  • Food and sights, safari
  • Possible visit to Tenwek hospital

When: Dates are mildly flexible, but the plan is June 2-13, 2022.

Where: Nairobi, Kenya! And possibly a visit to Tenwek Hospital, four hours from Nairobi. We will be working with the Tarrants and Wawerus, our own WGC global workers!

Why: God has called us to make disciples, and this is one of the paths in that process. We see God leading us to this country at this time, and are excited at how we have and will see Him work! Here are a few more things about this specific trip: 

  • To encourage and build up our global workers and other believers in Kenya.
  • To love those whom God loves.
  • To learn more of who God is and what He does.
  • To stretch ourselves and learn to depend more fully on our great God.
  • To take an incredible opportunity to see what God is doing in another part of the world, and be a part of that work!

How: Through prayer, God's work, and His grace. A few specific things you can plan on include:

  • Apply with this application by Sunday, January 2. 
  • We'll work as a team in fundraising, planning, and praying all through the spring semester. 

Cost: Around $1800 total. Group fundraising goal is $1200/person. Some funds are already raised!

A few more things to consider:

  • You'll need a passport (not part of the stated cost)
  • Possible vaccinations (Yellow Fever, if it works for us to visit Tenwek)
  • Monthly (at least) meetings
  • This will stretch you LOTS
  • Is it safe? We wouldn’t/won’t go if we had any serious questions or concerns about safety. A WGC family has been there all this school year and will be with us. A native-Kenyan WGC global worker family is also based in Nairobi and we will work some with them. 
  • There are a few more details to finalize. We just wanted to let you start praying and working on the application!
  • COVID. Still a moving factor in all plans. We'll adjust as needed, and please keep praying for wisdom and clarity for those decisions!