Parents night out - fundraiser

Ready for a great night just as adults? As we prepare for this summer's mission project here in Terre Haute, the students of WGC want to serve our church (and anyone else!) and raise some money all at the same time.

HOW TO SIGN UP: (Coming Soon)

1. RSVP on Facebook and post what ages of children will be coming

2. Sign up at the table in the WGC Gathering Room


1. All ages, birth through 5th grade. 

2. There will be lots of students volunteers along with some very responsible adults. We will take great care of your kids and they'll have lots of fun too!

3. If you have a middle schooler in our youth group and want them to help out too, just ask!


Friday, February 14



At World Gospel Church

We will have two groups, one of older children, one of younger. 


We will accept donations for the 2020 Mission Project


Pizza and lemonade will be served at 6:00pm. If you would like something else for your children, feel free to bring it!