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To apply for the Youth Pastor position at World Gospel Church, please submit your resume (in PDF format if possible) to:


In addition to the resume, the Search Committee is requesting candidates to include a Cover Letter expressing interest in the position and specifically addressing the following questions:


1.       First, describe your personal testimony of coming to faith in Jesus Christ. Then, describe your call to pastoral ministry and why you  sense
           God is leading you to apply for the Youth Pastor position at WGC.

2.       How do you believe that your leadership style and previous ministry experience equip you to serve as Youth Pastor?

3.       Please review the “Making Disciples: Biblical Foundations for World Gospel Church” document. How do you resonate with the philosophy of
           ministry that is described in that document?

4.       How does your personal and family life reflect your commitment to Christ and your approach to pastoral ministry?

5.       What do you think are the greatest issues and challenges facing youth today? 

We have begun collecting and evaluating resumes starting November of 2022.  Then, our hope is to have a new pastor selected at least by late spring 2023, allowing him to begin his new ministry sometime during summer 2023. 

You can find sub links below with the Job Description, Articles of Faith, Making Disciples  and "snapshot" of World Gospel Church and the Terre Haute area.

Youth Pastor Job Description

Articles of Faith


Making Disciples

"Snapshot" of World Gospel Church and the Terre Haute Area