SGB - September 9, 2018

  1. Here is the video to watch for Sunday night SGB. We are going through Galatians this semester on Sunday nights starting 9/23 (the Moons will share on 9/16!). I'm going to be teaching, not these videos, however, these are good overviews to start us out.

Plan to discuss with these questions too!

If you think your group is ready for it, instead, show this video:


    1. 1.       Why would we want others to become Christians?
      a.       Eternal life, yes, but also lives with hope and meaning, real freedom. . . .
      2.       How is someone saved? (Why do we call becoming a Christian being “saved”?
      a.      Believing in Jesus. Not based on what we do, but what He did.
      3.       Why is this a big deal? Why should it be a big deal?
      4.       Big words in Galatians
      a.       Have you heard these? What do you think they mean? (then, get into what they do mean)
      b.      Justified
      c.       Declared Righteous
                      i.      Both of these refer to the same thing: “In right relationship with God,” “Forgiven and given a place in God’s family,” Results in transformation by grace,” “saved.”
      5.       Were people saved/justified in a different way before Jesus compared with after?
      a.      No. Abraham was way before Jesus and was justified the same way as we are today.
      6.       What are you thinking about the idea of this mission that we’re on as Christians?
    2. a.       Are you ready to take the next step in being a disciple?
      b.      What do you think that next step is?

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