VIgo childcare Network

World Gospel Church is partnering with other area churches to help provide emergency Covid-19 Daycare for essential employees in our community.  For full details including the childcare location sites, and ways to get kids signed up, visit the official website HERE.

To help make this volunteer-led effort work, we need a wide-spread effort of people from all churches with a variety of skills and abilities.

Areas of Need

Listed below are the current areas of need, but this is not an exhaustive list. If you have gifts or talents you would like to share at this time please fill out the form HERE.

If you have any questions contact Amy Buitron.

  • Child Care Providers

    Your role would be to provide care to the children while they are on site each day. That could include indoor play (games, puzzles, crafts, reading, music, etc.), outdoor play, or helping the children with their schoolwork as they keep up with their assignments.

    You will not be alone in this service, as there will be another volunteer with you at all times.

    Intimidated by crafts or educational times. We have a team of volunteers who may provide craft or educational materials for you to deliver throughout the day.

    **This opportunity of service will require you to pass a background check prior to your service. The background check forms will be provided for you to complete.


    Provide children with specific help with their e-learning school assignments during the day.

  • Facility cleaner

    At the end of each day, we will need volunteers to clean and disinfect each facility, including play spaces, bathrooms, toys, tables/chairs, door handles, and restocking bathroom supplies. You could volunteer for one specific site or travel between sites if preferred.

  • Nurse

    We will be required to take temperatures of each person on site at the start of each day. You will need to arrive 15 minutes prior to the facility opening and take each child and staff member's temperature before they are allowed to stay for the day. You do not have to be a registered nurse to fulfill this duty.

  • Curriculum and craft Prep

    This is a great opportunity for those who are gifted in teaching. Each person will sign up for 1 week at a time (Monday- Friday starting April 7th) and prepare materials from home for crafts and/or educational opportunities. Collaboration is encouraged!

  • Monetary donations

    Sites will be requiring a fee to host children during this time. If you would like to help financially, please let us know in the form below and we will make sure to get you complete details.

  • Other needs:

    This is not an exhaustive list. If you have other talents and gifts that you would like to share at this time, please fill out the form above and we will be in touch with you.