Mission Trip

Summer 2020

Application Deadline: May 3, 2020



All current 6th-12th grade students


Serving God and others in our own community! As opportunities allow: focused largely around the Meadows Elementary community, kids clubs, small manual labor projects, visiting nursing home residents, working with 14th & Chestnut, WGC Garden, and more. We'll have great opportunities--and will continue to know more specifics as we get closer. 

ISU Ropes Course for team building, evening worship sessions, and more fun activities. It's camp and mission trip all in one!


July 5-9 (Sunday to Thursday)


Terre Haute and our community

Lodging: Camp Wabashi


We make disciples--that's God's call to us. To serve our community. To connect with those who live around us all the time. To engage with our culture and other cultures. To see others in a new light. To inspire our students to serve regularly. To live beyond ourselves and our own interests and understandings. To have a more full perspective on ministry and ministries in our local community. To work hard for God’s glory. To discover more about who God is and the people He loves. And so much more!

In 2018 we went to Minnesota, another state in the US..

In 2019, we served God in Ecuador with our own global workers. 

This year, it's time to serve right here in Terre Haute.


With prayer, family and congregation support. 

One fundraiser is finished, another planned.

Remember, if God wants you to go, you'll be able to!

After fundraising, the cost should be $150.

More Info:

Initial Parent Meeting Information

Potential Daily Schedule