Mission Trip

Summer 2018

Sign-up Deadline:

April 15 - including $50 deposit


All current 8th-12th grade students

Working with YouthWorks ministry


Serving God and others in a different culture! Kids ministry (think VBS) to small manual labor. We'll have great opportunities--and will continue to know more specifics as we get closer. 


June 30-July 7 (Saturday to Saturday)

We're driving up to north central Minnesota, about 12 hours from Terre Haute!


Leech Lake Native American Reservation


We make disciples--that's God's call to us. Part of that is serving, and also discovering more of what He's up to in different cultures and parts of the world. 

Why specifically this spot? It's a bit of a story--so ask Jonathan some time!

In 2017 we served around Terre Haute, locally. 

In 2018 we're going somewhere in the US, regionally.

In 2019, we'll head to a different country, globally.

It seems a bit biblical.


With prayer, family and congregation support. 

One fundraiser is finished, another planned.

So--if God wants you to go, you'll be able to!

(If you're REALLY interested, we're working to get the cost to each individual to be around $100-$150.)

More Info: