New Year's Eve Party

Who: 6th-12th grade students

What: A party to celebrate the end and the beginning

When: 8:00pm-12:30am

Where: At WGC

Why: We want to spend time together doing fun and awesome stuff. Including thinking about what's come before and what God might have in mind in the future. We're starting off the new year with lots of friends and remembering the Guy (God!) who gives us each day and each other.

How much: Free!

More Details:

Games! Board games, video games, 9-square, Gaga ball, basketball, ANNNDD--Catacombs!!

Prayer and taking a little time out to remember our God and everything He's done in our lives this year.

Be sure to bring a friend or 7, and definitely plan to be picked up no later than 12:30am--some of the adults'll need to get to bed!