Breakaway Student Retreat

Date: Friday, March 15 - Saturday, March 16

Time: 6:00p (Fri) - 10:00p (Sat)

Cost: $50

Deadline to register: March 3 (but the earlier the better!)

How to register:

1. Sign up at Youth Group

2. Turn in 2018-2019 Medical Release form (if you haven't already)

3. Turn in $50 - all by March 3!

Friday night through Saturday night, tons of fun, discovering more about God, eating food, and spending time both with your small group and with students from several different churches around Terre Haute!

Overnight at a house with your small group.

Rec time at the Family Rec Center outside of Terre Haute.

Random Acts of Kindness Saturday afternoon.

Awesome weekend overall!! Perfect for people who are used to church or those who have never been.

DJ Rerum - Friday night fun!

Eric Epperson - weekend speaker



6:15p - Arrive at WGC

6:45p - At Maryland CC 12-Points Campus - hang out!

7:30p - Session #1 (games, singing, lesson)

9:00p - Small groups, snacks

9:30p - Neon party

10:00p - Head to host homes


9:30a - At MCC 12 Points - Session #2

11:00a - Small groups

12:00p - Lunch & Random Acts of Kindness

2:30p - WV Family Rec Center

5:30p - Dinner & RAOK Celebration @ 12 Points

6:30p - Session #3

8:00p - Small Groups

8:30p - Closing Celebration

10:00p - Back at WGC to head home

What to bring:

Bible, pen, paper/notebook


Sleeping bag (etc)



Change of clothes (check the weather)

Awesome attitude ready to learn and have lots of fun!